Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Steve Hastings

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Steve’s ties to Reliv go back to its founding, and he has held a position at the company since 1992. As Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he oversees sales development and marketing outreach for Reliv, focusing primarily on the U.S. and Canada.


Steve’s educational background — including a marketing degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Butler University — prepared him for his wide range of roles at Reliv, from product development to marketing and sales. He’s been instrumental in streamlining the Reliv business model and simplifying administration for Distributors.


Steve has a keen awareness of the specific needs of Reliv Distributors and is committed to doing what it takes to ensure Distributor success in the field and continued growth in Reliv’s North American markets.


My Reliv Regimen: My morning smoothie includes Reliv Now®, Slimplicity® and FibRestore® along with LunaRich X®. In the afternoon, I take a Reliv Now®, GlucAffect® and Arthaffect® shake. ProVantage® and Innergize!® after workouts and ReversAge® at night. 


Fitness Activities: Jogging, golf, the elliptical and light weight machines keep me active.


Enjoying Reliv: It’s great talking to people every day who love and believe in what they do.


‘Distributors First’ Means… No matter what our title or job responsibilities, we all have the same goal: to ensure our Distributors are successful. If we do that, everything else falls into place.


Hobbies: I enjoy boating, being at the lake with family and friends, running, and going to live sporting events.